About Us

FascinationCity.com is a Social and Chat web site where you can greet and meet someone with your same interest. You can enter each catagory that will have a different interest. Our site will not match you with someone. Our site lets you find someone that likes what you like, that could talk about the same subject for hours and likes to show you pictures of accomplishments or just give you some information that you could use. Unlike other chat sites FascinationCity® is specifically designed to help you find your happiness, no matter your reason for looking, whether your looking for friends who have the same interests, find friends to chat with or even looking for a relationship or date.

This is the site for you. FascinationCity® is different from other web sites because it goes by your primary interest. Once you enter the city you will have the option to go to different places of interest. In there, you will be able to scroll through different profiles, check out photos and communicate through messaging and chat rooms. From there you can leave at anytime to visit other locations within the city and view profiles of members with other interests.

The following interests are:

  • Millionaires Club
  • Cars & Trucks
  • Country
  • Religion
  • Sports & Fitness
  • Outdoors
  • Music & Dance
  • Rainbow Pride LGBTQ

( More will be added as the city grows ) The city map will have badges for each catagory to click on for each interest. Once you find someone or something that interests you, you can choose to get in touch with that person through the private chat or chat room. This allows our members to get to know one another and decide if they want to meet in person or just become online friends.

Relationships start as Friendships.

First 500 people to sign up will receive a Lifetime Membership!